How to get the best out of

At, we are committed to helping you be healthier. We provide accurate, science-based advice and information on healthy eating and health conditions which may be affected by diet, plus we have over 4000 delicious healthy recipes to give you ideas and inspiration for eating healthy every day. 

We want you to get the most out of your membership, so we’ve put together some useful tips.

 1 Put on your mobile home screen

To easily access recipes and content at any time, put the logo on the home screen of your mobile device.

Here’s how to do it:

On Apple –launch Safari, go to, open the share menu and tap ‘Add to home screen’.

On Android – launch Chrome, go to, open the menu icon (3 dots) tools and select the ‘Add to home screen’ option.


2 Always stay logged in

If you are logged in to, when it’s time to leave simply close the browser down, or go straight onto another site, rather than logging out. Then the next time you open (or link from an email we’ve sent you) you will already be logged in.

3 Using the recipe filter

On the main recipes page, you can quickly find the kinds of recipes you want by ticking the filter boxes.


4 Nutrition badges allow you to easily identify the recipes you are after

Our nutrition badges allow you to quickly find the types of recipes you may want, eg, low sodium. And if you click on any of the badges it will display recipes of that type.


5 Convert recipe quantities from metrics to imperial

 Within the ingredients section of each recipe, the grey highlighted ‘Units’ indicate whether the recipe is shown in metric or imperial. To change, simply click the other option.


6 Save your favourite content and recipes 

 You can save any recipe, collection of recipes, or even favourite pieces of content to your own ‘favourites’ section, for easy access. Here’s how:

  • Simply click on the ‘Save to favs’ icon at the end of any recipe or piece of content
  • Name your favourites list for future reference and so you can add more recipes to it
  • When you want to go back and look at your favourites just click on ‘Favourites’ in the top menu or on the ‘See favs’ icon on any recipe or article.

7 Create shopping lists and meal plans

You can use collections of recipes we’ve prepared for you, or create your own, and create a shopping list from them – click here for a full rundown!

To add My Everyday Wellbeing to your homescreen

Device specific instructions
Shopping list saved to go to meal plans